[isf-wifidog] Re: [isf-vol] ipv6 on the wrt54g

Bruno Remy bruno.remy at videotron.ca
Sam 18 Juin 14:54:35 EDT 2005

Michael Lenczner a écrit:

>Here's how it works: Simply get an account at
>http://www.research.earthlink.net/ipv6/accounts.html to get your own
>personal block of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses; install
>the firmware onto your standard Linksys WRT54G router, and blamo, you
>have IPv6. With this special code installed on your Linksys router,
>your IPv4 works as normal; you'll still have your NAT IPv4 LAN. But in
>addition to that, any IPv6 capable machine on the LAN will get a real,
>honest to goodness, routable IPv6 address too. It couldn't be easier.
>This works for Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX, as well as Windows XP. You don't
>have to do anything special on the machines on the LAN. They just
>work, as they say.

Windows XP users will need to install the Cygwin subsystem to use
the 'client' utility for accessing the WRT54G commandline. I tried it but it dosn't work !
It asks for a missing cygwin1.dll . When I add this DLL, the programm find the dll and use it, but asking for a missing sub-command within.

Does anybody still install this ipv6 feature into a WRT54G?


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