[isf-wifidog] /proc/net/wireless on v2.2 and above?

Rob Kelley robjkelley at yahoo.com
Sam 18 Juin 09:56:58 EDT 2005



I'm trying to get OpenWRT, interface-wrt, and WifiDog running on my
Linksys 54G v2.2.  

I've installed WifiDog's snapshot of openwrt-g-code-v2.2.bin.  When I
try ipkg the interface-wrt (http://ilesansfil.org/dist/ipkg/interfa …
mipsel.ipk), loading gets an error at the top of every

grep: /proc/net/wireless: No such file or directory
[: 1: unknown operand

the only mention I can find of this error is in openwrt's irc logs:

Zombie wrote:
"The newer firmwares don't support wireless extensions so if you're
running the experimental release, or TheRoDent's firmware, you don't
get /proc/net/wireless.  blame linksys"

How does this affect the installation of wifidog?  Am I in trouble?  or
can I simply not use interface-wrt?  



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