[isf-wifidog] Hotspot status XML + XSLT

Proulx François fproulx at lecameleon.net
Jeu 16 Juin 22:41:34 EDT 2005

Oh... Maybe it'd simpler for you guys if I send an example, since  
it's not yet on any production server.
My apologies for the UTF-8 conversion.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <Title>&#xCE;le sans fil: Points d'acc&#xE8;s les plus  
   <Description>La liste WiFiDog des points d'acc&#xE8;s les plus  
r&#xE9;cents ouverts par le r&#xE9;seau: &#xCE;le sans fil</Description>
     <Name>&#xCE;le sans fil</Name>
     <TechnicalEmail>tech at ilesansfil.org</TechnicalEmail>
       <Name>Caf&#xE9; l'Utopik / Parc &#xC9;milie-Gamelin</Name>
       <Description>Caf&#xE9; / Bar / Salle de spectacle.  Le parc  
&#xC9;milie-Gamelin (aussi appel&#xE9; parc Berri) est &#xE9;galement  
couvert durant la saison estivale)</Description>
       <StreetAddress>552 Sainte-Catherine est</StreetAddress>
       <MassTransitInfo>M&#xE9;tro Berri-UQAM, sortir &#xE0; Sainte- 
Catherine et traverser la rue.</MassTransitInfo>
       <StreetAddress>552 Sainte-Catherine est</StreetAddress>
       <Name>Parc Jean-Marie Lamonde</Name>
       <StreetAddress>Coin Villeray / Ch&#xE2;teaubriand</StreetAddress>
       <ContactEmail>bock at step.polymtl.ca</ContactEmail>
       <StreetAddress>Coin Villeray / Ch&#xE2;teaubriand</StreetAddress>

On 16-Jun-2005, at 22:29 , Proulx François wrote:

> Here's my latest changelog.
> 2005-06-16 Francois Proulx <francois.proulx at gmail.com>
>     * Added XML output format for hotspot_status.php
>     * Rough draft v1.0
>     * TODO move to different classes once stabilized
>     * Can use XSLT, if activated ( XSLT_SUPPORT constant )
>     * ie : http://wifidog-auth.org/hotspot_status.php? 
> format=XML&xslt=http://wifidog-auth.org/xslt/hotspot_status.xsl
>     * or simply : http://wifidog-auth.org/hotspot_status.php? 
> format=XML
> It works great, but it's a rough draft, I'm open to comments on the  
> schema. We will have to make it cleaner... (ie move what's possible  
> in different classes : Network::export($dom, $parent_node) etc... )
> I wrote a proof of concept XSL, it worked by I don't much about  
> XSL. If anybody can give a hand...
> PS : It's not on the live server yet. Benoit should have look, by  
> saturday...
> See ya
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