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Jeu 9 Juin 17:35:10 EDT 2005

At 02:59 PM 06/09/2005, you wrote:
>On June 9, 2005 09:43 am, Ian White wrote:
> > Without going through the auth server code, I can't understand how the sql
> > can be so complicated ? Can't a db abstraction level be used if two types
> > of interface are required, or a database layer in the code which can be
> > subsituted.
> >
> > Why is there a need for transactions and triggers etc ?
>We don't use triggers (unfortunately).  However, we do use transactions,
>foreign keys and foreign key constraints.  I think that demanding 15 year old
>technology is a reasonnable expectation.

I found this comment a bit humorous. Your 15 yr old technology , the innoDB 
section of MySQL is being
written and supported by a single developer in the Netherlands. (and how 
come he hasn't found any backup?)

I only know this b/c it happened to be a sticking point with enterprise 
clients who couldn't afford to run into a transactional bug in the software 
and hope he was around to fix it.
I'll spare the whole open source conversation and the fact that they could 
hire their own develop to work on the source, but for Corps. here in the US 
it is often cheaper to spend more money
on a paid products.

Having said this, there are free corporate databases used worldwide that 
are NOT open source and have 24x7 support.
(Food for thought.)

- W

>We limited ourselves to the MySQL 4.1 feature-set.
> > As it been said before most hosters are still running php4/mysql, and it
> > should be better for a slight redesign to support the average user install,
> > rather than someone forking it. I already know of 1 fork to php5/mysql.
>Good for them, this is open source.  Perhaps the'll have good ideas that we
>can integrate.  However, for us to go backward would be self defeating.
>Once again.  MySQL:  Yes, if someone steps forward to maintain 
>it.  PHP4:  Not
>as part of the mainline.
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