[isf-wifidog] WiFiDog Roadmap, first draft

Francois Proulx fproulx at lecameleon.net
Jeu 9 Juin 11:00:40 EDT 2005

We never said, we need transactions and triggers, but we need MySQL InnoDB for foreign keys. We are already using an abstraction that works well. We are only talking about the tables creation schema. That's where we need someone to maintain the differences between mysql and pgsql ( data types do not have the same names, some parameters are differents when creating the tables, even if in the end they do the same job)

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Without going through the auth server code, I can't understand how the sql can
be so complicated ? Can't a db abstraction level be used if two types of
interface are required, or a database layer in the code which can be

Why is there a need for transactions and triggers etc ?

As it been said before most hosters are still running php4/mysql, and it should
be better for a slight redesign to support the average user install, rather
than someone forking it. I already know of 1 fork to php5/mysql.

Quoting Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux <saruman at northernhacking.org>:

> On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:04:46PM -0400, Mina Naguib wrote:
> >
> > Alex, in which user-side aspects are the 3.x and 4.x releases
> > different ?  I know several server configs were changed and some
> > minor SQL keywords were altered (for example table "type" became
> > table "engine"), but what other major stuff would we need to worry
> > about ?
> 	I mostly had InnoDB in mind. It's been so long since I touched
> 3.23 that I can't remember off-hand the differences. I never had an
> install of 3.23 that had anything other then MyISAM available so I can't
> make comments on what may be missing.
> 	My main worry was that once we DO support MySQL then we'd have
> to be clear about what minimum feature set we support. You know, do we
> need InnoDB? Transactions? Constraints? Triggers? (I have no clue about
> the Auth Server's SQL needs.)
> Alex

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