[isf-wifidog] WiFiDog Roadmap, first draft

Ian White ian.white at datamile-computers.com
Jeu 9 Juin 09:43:59 EDT 2005

Without going through the auth server code, I can't understand how the sql can
be so complicated ? Can't a db abstraction level be used if two types of
interface are required, or a database layer in the code which can be

Why is there a need for transactions and triggers etc ?

As it been said before most hosters are still running php4/mysql, and it should
be better for a slight redesign to support the average user install, rather
than someone forking it. I already know of 1 fork to php5/mysql.

Quoting Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux <saruman at northernhacking.org>:

> On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:04:46PM -0400, Mina Naguib wrote:
> >
> > Alex, in which user-side aspects are the 3.x and 4.x releases
> > different ?  I know several server configs were changed and some
> > minor SQL keywords were altered (for example table "type" became
> > table "engine"), but what other major stuff would we need to worry
> > about ?
> 	I mostly had InnoDB in mind. It's been so long since I touched
> 3.23 that I can't remember off-hand the differences. I never had an
> install of 3.23 that had anything other then MyISAM available so I can't
> make comments on what may be missing.
> 	My main worry was that once we DO support MySQL then we'd have
> to be clear about what minimum feature set we support. You know, do we
> need InnoDB? Transactions? Constraints? Triggers? (I have no clue about
> the Auth Server's SQL needs.)
> Alex

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