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philippe's going to send them an email offering help to whoever takes
on that position.


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From: Dana Spiegel <dana at nycwireless.net>
Date: Jun 1, 2005 12:16 AM
Subject: [nycwireless] WifiDog project for NYC
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We are looking for one or more people to spearhead some work on
making Wifidog (http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/WiFiDog) work for us
here in NYC. This includes:

- setting up, configuring, administering an installation of Wifidog
on one of our servers
- helping to document the proper procedure for transforming a Linksys
WRT-54G router to be a Wifidog hotspot (also configuring pebble to
this end as well, if possible)
- documenting everything from start to finish, so we can keep track
of how to do this the right way
- coordinating testing with other volunteers for a handful of test
sites for deployment of Wifidog in NYC

What is required:
- knowledge of linux/freebsd servers
- knowledge of a little hardware hacking in order to create the
Wifidog hotspot from a Linksys router
- writing skills for documentation
- good teamwork skills and (hopefully) leadership skills
- a few hours per week of time to dedicate to this project

What you will get in return:
- our thanks and praise
- a more complete understanding of setting up a linux/freebsd server
- a much more complete understanding of setting up Wifidog server and
- a thorough understanding about how wireless routers work, and how
centralized hotspot management is handled
- experience testing and leading a team to test a sophisticated
hardware/software network solution
- your name in lights as the person who made all of this possible

Don't be afraid if you think you don't know enough about this
technology. We can lead you along the way, and provide guidance and
help where necessary. This is a learning experience for all of us,
and we want you to grow in your skills as you take on this project.

Please email me off list if you are interesting in working on this

Dana Spiegel
Executive Director
dana at NYCwireless.net
+1 917 402 0422

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