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Andrew Barbaccia andrew.barbaccia at gmail.com
Mer 27 Juil 20:28:14 EDT 2005

Hello all, 

I'm new to wifidog but looks like its the way to go so far (good job devs).
I plan on setting up a mesh network with multiple accesspoints to service a 
few apartment complexes with wifi. The APs will be running embedded linux 
which the wifidog client should be able to run on top of. 

My question is can i restrict bandwidth while using wifidog? 
Can i do it based on permissions (group a gets 256kbps, groub B gets 

Can i implement snort_inline in addition to wifidog - either on the AP or at 
the server for Intrusion Protection (if you think this is even needed)? 

Can I restrict that only one instance of an account be logged in at a time?

Sorry for all the questions but you gotta start somewhere!
Andrew Barbaccia
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