[isf-wifidog] dropping smarty, replace with savant ?

Robin Millette millette at waglo.com
Mer 27 Juil 00:14:41 EDT 2005

Proulx François wrote:
> What version of Smarty are you using, maybe the new version has  changed 
> its directory hierarchy... We'd have to check it. Anyway in a  near 
> future, Smarty won't be a requirement anymore, but I know that  for now 
> you need it so check the version... I'll compare with mine.

What ? Dropping Smarty ? Houlala ;))

May I suggest going with php savant instead ?

There's a php4 and a php5 specific version - haven't tried the latter, 
but I really like my experience with savant v1 and v2.x.

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