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Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Mar 26 Juil 12:08:09 EDT 2005

hello wifidoggers,

i'm on a brief "wouldn't it be interesting to find out what happened
if our auth server and lots of our cohorts implemented OpenID" binge.

i think i'll try to do it for node.l, a shared-planning wireless mapping
collaborative event organising project that we're doing with the 
wirelesslondon backend, and i'm trying to nudge others to think about
joining in.

i'm looking at this python implementation, http://openid.schtuff.com/
i see a php client (or 'consumer'), there may be other efforts:

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after all the inames, sxip, etc kerfuffle last year, i've been hearing
a lot about how OpenID is gaining traction, and i'd like to moot it as
something that EVNT, as well as wirelesslondon/node.l, should think about


This isn't 'just to see how it works out', though it's partially that. 
Here's the use case that i am noodling over:

- someone turns up on our portal, either at an access point or via the
  web. if we've got any nearby, near-future geolocated EVNTs in our data store,
  they see those on the map.

- if they're registering for the first time, we need to figure out if
  they have an EVNT account, and whether they're happy for us to
  aggregate it. (which for a captive audience of arts organisers, will
  definitely be the case)

- how do we do this? in the lowest-overhead way, by saying 'tell us
  your evnt username, or go and create an account there now, and tell
  us your username later', which is plausible, but a bit of
  unnecessary impact for the user.
- once they log in, if they have an EVNT feed which we've collected,
  ( either on the basis of knowing their username, or being able to
  correlate email addresses with those from crawled feeds of evnts )
  they also see their evnts on the map/portal, and can jump to other
  views 'near' those evnts. 

- with OpenGuides, we're doing a simple remote-post thing, where
  someone can use our portal to automatically add a new page /
  location to OG, and we send the geodata through if we've got it
  (e.g. if they've added the node by clicking on the map) 

- i'd like to do the same thing with EVNT, post a new evnt to it
  through a little form on our site, with optional geocoding.

I think openID could help a lot with this. If we're going to go as far
as 'tell us [some kind of UID], or go and create [some kind of UID]',
why not try to fix this generically, for once and for all?


ps if what i'm trying to describe re the portal is unclear, as it may
be for people here who missed the context, try the cartoon version:

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