[isf-wifidog] how do I know that the wifido-auth prerequisites are already there in my system?

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf bassam at palettemm.com
Mar 26 Juil 01:22:44 EDT 2005

Dear All,

   I have additional inquiries regarding the installation of "wifidog-auth"
on my Fedora Core 4 system. In the "INSTALL" file of the source directory of
"wifidog-auth", it is required a set of prerequisites that should be
available in my system. Some of these prerequisites are:


-php's php-xml extention installed. (Required if RSS support is on)

-php's dom extension installed. (Required if you want to export the list of
HotSpots as a RSS feed)

-php compiled with gettext support (Will be autodetected if unavailable, but
you will loose internationalization)


So my question is that how do I know that the above three prerequisites are
already there in my system?


Thanks for your help


Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf


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