[isf-wifidog] wifidog and bridged interfaces

kaouete kaouete at crazydwarves.org
Ven 22 Juil 08:12:01 EDT 2005


i'm trying to do something strange :
i want my wrt to be connected to my router by vlan0 and wifi
client will be on eth1.
After that, i want to leave the bridge br0 between eth1 and vlan0.
and, i want to have wifidog filtering traffic of the wifi clients,
So i completeley disabled the openwrt firewall, i put the wifi
network ip on br0 only, and configured wifidog to listen on eth1
for incoming connections and to let them out on vlan0.

It doesnt work . Client can access the net directly.
BUT it worked with previous version of openwrt (i have
whiterussian rc2 and it was 20050525).
I dont know if maybe i forgot something when i reinstalled

Has someone already realized this network configuration ?
Or just an idea how to properly do it ? Maybe differently than
what i did ?

Thanks for your help.

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