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Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Dim 17 Juil 19:46:02 EDT 2005

This is beyond me, but it sounds like something we can take advantage
of when we build the profile system or if we ever get going with
jabber chat.

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From: Karl Dubost <karl at la-grange.net>
Date: Jul 17, 2005 7:28 PM
Subject: MeNow: Protocol to define your status.
To: mlenczner at gmail.com
Cc: Boris Anthony <boris at levendis.com>

Hi Michael,

Seen that

The menow project is aimed towards creating and maintaing a schema
through which people can describe their current status: "Me Now". It
aims to provide a general method through which people can describe
their current status: whether it be what they are reading, listening
to, or working on, in such a way that it can be used by a wide
variety of tools on the web.

Menow uses RDF in order to describe the information it contains.
However, our goal is to make it easy to work with current existing
tools including in most hosting packages, such as XSLT processing tools.

]]] - http://www.crschmidt.net/semweb/menow/index

Egalement un Schéma RDF pour décrire les données géographiques.
C'est un peu plus hardcore ;)

Karl Dubost - http://www.la-grange.net/
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