[isf-wifidog] bug in links ?

Chandi Bernier chandi at EstrieSansFil.org
Ven 15 Juil 13:42:21 EDT 2005

Hey everybody,


I'm actually running my web server on port 8080. 


It's temporarily  http://auth.chandi.mine.nu:8080
<http://auth.chandi.mine.nu:8080/>  but when I go to the main auth page
where there are links to :

*	Deployed HotSpots map <http://auth.chandi.mine.nu/hotspots_map.php>

*	Deployed <http://auth.chandi.mine.nu:8080/hotspot_status.php>
HotSpots status with coordinates 
*	Full node technical <http://auth.chandi.mine.nu:8080/node_list.php>
status (includes non-deployed nodes) 
*	Administration <http://auth.chandi.mine.nu/admin/index.php>  


Some links to : chandi.mine.nu :8080/somepage.php and some do point to
chandi.mine.nu/somepage.php which is non-existent. 


Is that a bug or a misconfiguration of apache ?  if it's a misconfiguration
of apache it still shows that the way you build links is not the same
everywhere in your code. 


How can it be fixed ? 


Thanks a lot guys :-)





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