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Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Sun Jan 30 23:05:21 EST 2005

I looked into dhcp renew, and it's set to 12h (it seems). If we put 
like.. 3 minutes, well........ I'll test at home and see how it 
behaves.. if we do icmp_ping in wifidog, we wouldn't need to require a 
dhcp daemon with a short lease time, it'd be all bundled in wifidog... 
we can send the echo request and not wait for it to answer, should be 
easy.. we'll see.

maxfail patch, no.

It just came back,......

It had changed IP address, the VPN wouldn't establish, I logged in with 
the external address and it worked after 5 long minutes, the router was 
just really really slow. I rebooted it, all is fine now. Hopefully 
we're not reaching the limits of the router.

It could be something silly like...... it's writing something to flash 
that we're not aware (that'd be surprising) and since the volume is 
high it behaves weirdly.

.... going to bed now, will keep an eye on it tomorrow...

On 30-Jan-05, at 10:56 PM, Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On Sunday 30 January 2005 22:41, Philippe April wrote:
>> Okay I implemented a new rule that catches traffic coming from the
>> clients to the gateway, however there does not seem to be much going 
>> on
>> since my laptop still times out if it's not doing anything... It's not
>> in CVS.
>> We could "trigger" traffic, by icmp pinging clients (laptops)... If
>> they respond, we get traffic in the client-go-gateway rule.
>> However, I'm not sure if this will work, maybe some crazy laptops will
>> have a firewall that blocks ICMP echo requests. Anyway we could always
>> say "you need to respond to icmp requests otherwise you'll time-out.
> If it works, can't we use the DHCP renew trick?  It would obviously 
> avoid any
> firewall problem.
>> And btw, at the moment, Supreme is down (seems to be the pppoe
>> connection, because I can not log in via the openvpn tunnel).
>> Hopefully it'll come back up by itself.
> Does it have the maxfail patch?
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