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Michael Lenczner michaellenczner at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 12 12:43:10 EST 2005

> >  --- Matthew Asham <matthewa at bcwireless.net>
> wrote: 
> > <snip>
> > 
> > "One thing I'd really like to see is a node
> installer
> > that asks for your BC Wireless/<insert CWN group
> name
> > here> username and password, and self registers
> itself
> > in the node database."
> > 
> > <snip>
> > 
> > Matt.  That is a great idea!  You mean to keep
> track
> > of wifidog hotspots worldwide?   so people don't
> have
> > to add themselves manually to nodedb?  Or am I
> missing it?
> > 
> No, what I was thinking of doing is having a simple
> installer that asks
> for the node name, and the user's CWN group username
> and password (in
> our case it would be a volunteer login).  The
> installer would then ask
> the auth server to add the node into the authservers
> database and
> configure the gateway appropriately.  
> It'd be neat to add it into nodedb too, but I don't
> think that would be
> easy to do.
> Matthew

Screw nodedb.  My idea is as follows:  When you
install drupal somewhere, one thing it lets you do is
check an option to let a central database know that
another edition of drupal has just been set up.  All
of the sites that use drupal and who check this box
are listed in one central site.

Maybe we could include the samething in wifidog
gateway.  In the web interface (when it is done),
there could be two check boxes. One, to let a central
server know where that another one has been setup, and
another check box so that it could keep pinging it to
let it know that it's alive.

I'm not trying to think of ways for ISF to have a
power grab.  I don't care who gets the central list, a
long as they make the data available for other uses.

My whole take on this is  20 hotspots = a fun toy, 400
= new possibilities.  I don't care if ISF has the
ability to control them, but I want us (different
groups) to coordinate should we choose to.

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