[Wifidog] WRT54G v2.2 OpenWRT image

Pascal Leclerc leclerc.pascal at ireq.ca
Tue Jan 11 12:43:06 EST 2005

The most information I found was on OpenWRT forum and for the moment, 
it's not supported.

Presently, I think the v2.2 hardware is really new and it's not 
available in many stores (like v2.0 last year) and when Openwrt team 
will  found one,  it  will  be supported.

I will post a message when I will know that v2.2 is supported


Philippe April wrote:

>I haven't seen a v2.2 yet (and I don't think nobody in Ile sans Fil has
>either) but once we do have one we'll for sure release an image for it.
>I have to say, maybe I should rename openwrt-g-code.bin to something
>more meaningful :)
>I will read about v2.2 today, I think the OpenWRT team (the firmware
>Wifidog runs on top of) has some documentation regarding v2.2 but I
>haven't had time to check yet.
>I'll keep you updated. Of course returning it and buying a v2 would
>make it easier for now, your choice. Unless it's impossible to make it
>work on v2.2, we'll have it working sooner than later.
>If you do find (on Openwrt.org) that the support exists, you could
>always download the buildroot and recompile an openwrt image, and then
>build wifidog from that buildroot (which is exactly what we do).
>On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 12:22:21AM -0600, Aaron McCann wrote:
>>I was wondering if there is a firmware image available for the v2.2 
>>WRT54g routers (with wifidog working of course) that I could download.  
>>I "found" an  openwrt-g-code.bin on philippeapril.com (I hope this is 
>>OK), but it will not flash on to my v2.2 hardware.  Would I be better 
>>returning this unit to the store, or is there firmware available?
>>I'm involved with a small startup based in Little Rock, Arkansas (mostly 
>>networking and tech consulting) and we are trying to start a local 
>>community network.  I found the wifidog project, and I must say I have 
>>been very impressed.  We've used Sputnik, NoCat, and chillispot in the 
>>past but weren't really happy with any of them.  Your project appears to 
>>do everything we need, thanks for all of your hard work!
>>thanks for your assistance
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