[Wifidog] WRT54G v2.2 OpenWRT image

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I haven't seen a v2.2 yet (and I don't think nobody in Ile sans Fil has
either) but once we do have one we'll for sure release an image for it.

I have to say, maybe I should rename openwrt-g-code.bin to something
more meaningful :)

I will read about v2.2 today, I think the OpenWRT team (the firmware
Wifidog runs on top of) has some documentation regarding v2.2 but I
haven't had time to check yet.

I'll keep you updated. Of course returning it and buying a v2 would
make it easier for now, your choice. Unless it's impossible to make it
work on v2.2, we'll have it working sooner than later.

If you do find (on Openwrt.org) that the support exists, you could
always download the buildroot and recompile an openwrt image, and then
build wifidog from that buildroot (which is exactly what we do).

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 12:22:21AM -0600, Aaron McCann wrote:
> I was wondering if there is a firmware image available for the v2.2 
> WRT54g routers (with wifidog working of course) that I could download.  
> I "found" an  openwrt-g-code.bin on philippeapril.com (I hope this is 
> OK), but it will not flash on to my v2.2 hardware.  Would I be better 
> returning this unit to the store, or is there firmware available?
> I'm involved with a small startup based in Little Rock, Arkansas (mostly 
> networking and tech consulting) and we are trying to start a local 
> community network.  I found the wifidog project, and I must say I have 
> been very impressed.  We've used Sputnik, NoCat, and chillispot in the 
> past but weren't really happy with any of them.  Your project appears to 
> do everything we need, thanks for all of your hard work!
> thanks for your assistance
> Aaron
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