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Matthew Asham matthewa at bcwireless.net
Sun Jan 9 23:56:39 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 19:32, Benoit Grégoire wrote:
> Can you tell us a little more about the features of that framework and what 
> type of syndication you are interested in?  The auth server has some pretty 
> powerfull aggregation features (some of which aren't yet enabled nor readily 
> apparent).  

We primarily use it for project work; discussion forums, location
databases, hardware and node management, etc.  Beyond the volunteer
system it lets regular users create NoCat and Radius profiles.  Really
what it means in this context is it provides a central place to manage
everything, without needing different logins and administrative
interfaces all over the place (well, except for nodedb.com :/ ).

We don't have any type of syndication or content up.  We're still
learning what the auth server can do and we don't have a clear idea of
what we want for content yet.  I do know geographical awareness and
syndicating content from nearby networks is highly desirable.

Regarding integrating it with our existing system, I think what I'd like
to do is xmlrpcify WifiDog so our software can add nodes and users
remotely and have the authservice direct users to our existing
signup/password retrieval pages.   This way we can keep our style
consistent, and also let us develop tools to help deploy hotspots

One thing I'd really like to see is a node installer that asks for your
BC Wireless/<insert CWN group name here> username and password, and self
registers itself in the node database.

> > I wanted to ask you about the use of Postgres.  Do you have a particular
> > viewpoint/dependency in using postgres long-term, or would it be safe
> > for us to continue keeping the database layer abstracted and focus on
> > using generic api functions to query the backend with?
> Historically the auth server started as MySql.  It was ported to PostGres for 
> two reasons: The GIS extensions in postgres are more mature (and we intend to 
> do a lot of GIS stuff in the future), and postgres is in general a more 
> feature complete system.

That's a good reason.  I'm certainly not a GIS guru, but I think it's a
very important feature to build upon.

> I added you to the list,  welcome aboard.  Just keep the following in mind:
> -Always update the ChangeLog file and paste the same entry in your commit 
> message.
> -Always notify the list when a commit contains a sql schema change.  Keep in 
> mind that there must always be a way to migrate existing databases to the new 
> schema.  A simple list of alter table is usually enough.

Thank you kindly!


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