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Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Thu Jan 6 23:37:03 EST 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 11:02:49PM -0500, Benoit Grégoire wrote:
> On Thursday 06 January 2005 19:54, Thomas Guyot-Sionnest wrote:
> > I'm looking for the latest Wifidog ipkg with the OpenWRT firmware (and
> > standard packages) it have been built with. I know an URL have been
> > posted lately, but I couldn't find it... By the way, why don't we upload
> > the firmware and standard ipkgs on SourceForge??
> TThe sourceforge user agreement does not allow storing files when not all the 
> sources are available.  As part of the wireless driver for openwrt isn't 
> available, we can't put the source for our snapshot of openwrt there.
> Right now it's hosted on Philippe's own machine.  Phil, do I have your 
> permission to link to the files publically untill we can rack the new server, 
> and do you have a tar.bz of your openwrt buildroot available somewhere?

We'll talk more about that and put it on a reliable, permanent
repository. For now, I emailed Thomas in private with the info on how to
get it from my machine.

Philippe April
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