[Wifidog] alpha5, fixed startup issues

Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Thu Jan 6 09:53:56 EST 2005

It was a REJECT instead of a DROP in the nat table that was causing the
"invalid argument" at startup of wifidog. I remember we put that so the
clients get an automatic response when they try to reach a service and
it's denied. I switched it back to DROP.

I suppose REJECTs can't be done in the NAT table since it's too far in the
chain already and it's impossible to respond back.

Please upgrade your alpha3 installations to alpha5, otherwise people
have access to everything BUT port 80 when they're unauthenticated, I
bumped the version to alpha5.

And by the way, I'll monitor Tribune because yesterday wifidog was shut
down at some point.

I can't remember if it's maybe because I forgot to start it back
up while changing some things around yesterday, or if it actually crashed, I'll monitor it closely.

Philippe April
GnuPG: http://key.philippeapril.com/

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