[isf-wifidog] Newbie Server install questions

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Mer 28 Déc 10:23:34 EST 2005

> Thank you for taking the time to reply.
> The Linux is Fedora Core 4, with all updates applied via yum.  Apache is
> V2.0.4.  PostgreSQL is V8.0.5. PHP is V5.04.
> The missing PHP extensions are DOM, mccrypt, mhash, xmlrpc.

The missing extensions will affect radius and RSS feed support.

>> It's normal, you did not get to the point in the install where you
>> actually type in the password you chose...
> I am not sure I understand your comment above.  When executing the
> command  "createuser wifidog --pwprompt" I was asked for a password, but
> I entered none.  Should  I have entered a password?

install.php need a user and a database in postgresql to complete
sucessfuly.  When executing the command "createuser wifidog --pwprompt"
you are creating the user wifidog and was ask to give a password for that
You should put one for security concern and use it in the wifidog
"Database access configuration" page during the installation.

> Does the install normally ask for a password or is it only when
> createuser is executed?  If  the install script itself asks for a
> password, then I have to assume the install did not  complete correctly.

The database user password and the password for the second page of
install.php is not the same.


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