[isf-wifidog] errors in fresh install of cvs head

Proulx François fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mer 21 Déc 23:41:26 EST 2005

> First of all, the hotspot status map ... it comes up without any  
> flag things.  don't tell me we need latitude and longitude for each  
> of the hotspots.  Our nodes table has just the name and address, no  
> postal or lat/long.  What's the minimum we need to get this going?   
> arrgh, looks like city isn't filled in.  are there any guidelines  
> as to what information is needed in the nodes table?

You need to fill in the fields and use the geolocation feature. It  
works for both Canada and USA. If you want to run a batch, a suggest  
you setup a small script that uses my geocoding abstraction and  
update nodes (using setLatitude, setLongitude ...)

See ya

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