[isf-wifidog] errors in fresh install of cvs head

Rob Janes janes.rob at gmail.com
Mar 20 Déc 07:03:43 EST 2005

I just installed top of CVS head to our devauth server in toronto.  
seems to work well generally.

couple of things ...

First of all, the hotspot status map ... it comes up without any flag 
things.  don't tell me we need latitude and longitude for each of the 
hotspots.  Our nodes table has just the name and address, no postal or 
lat/long.  What's the minimum we need to get this going?  arrgh, looks 
like city isn't filled in.  are there any guidelines as to what 
information is needed in the nodes table?

Secondly, looks like the config.php is missing these lines:

 > define('PAGE_HEADER_NAME', 'header.html');
 > define('PAGE_FOOTER_NAME', 'footer.html');
 > define('PORTAL_PAGE_NAME', 'portal.html');

Lack of them causes a bunch of errors to show up on the main page.  Not 
sure what it does for the rest of the pages.

They were at one time in the config.php, but have dropped out for some 

Soooo *** I put them back in and checked in the change to cvs head.  It 
was a small change, didn't seem like it was worthwhile filling out a bug 
report.  Hope I didn't step on anybody's toes.


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