[isf-wifidog] wifidog -auth install question

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Ven 16 Déc 14:43:00 EST 2005

Edit install.php and search for the string DBMS_POSTGRES (line number 788)

You should see this :

        print "<UL><LI>Postgresql database connection : ";

        $conn_string = "host=$CONF_DATABASE_HOST
        $ptr_connexion = pg_connect($conn_string) or die(); # or
die("Couldn't Connect ==".pg_last_error()."==<BR>");

Change the last line for this one (remove the "or die(); #" string) :

        $ptr_connexion = pg_connect($conn_string) or die("Couldn't Connect

You should see a message giving you more informations on why it's stoping


> I am attempting to install wifidog-auth to start setting up the
> nwawireless system.  I am installed on a server install of CentOS 4. and
>  have got the install up to the form to enter the postgress connection
> information and when I click next I get "Database connection *Postgresql
>  database connection:" and it just stops.
> Any suggestions??
> Jay Smith
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