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Rob Kelley (NYCw) rob at nycwireless.net
Mar 13 Déc 14:31:26 EST 2005


I had a chance this weekend to do some page creation with the CMS.  I finally started to get my head around it and it's a useful tool.

There were a couple frustrating things that I think would be easy to change:

1. When the user adds custom content, the system returns the user to the top of the CMS (/admin/index.php).  It seems that it should return the user to the Edit Node page for the Node he was originally on (/admin/generic_object_admin.php)

2. On Edit Node, when the user clicks Preview Node, the system opens the mockup in the same window.  There's no way to go back to editing.  Since it's a gateway mockup, the page doesn't show the dropdown for edit node, and the back button does not work (it brings up a notice that there's a need to repost the information, but clicking ok doesn't work).  It seems that Preview Node should __always__ open in a new window.

My 2 cents.


Rob Kelley
Rob at nycwireless.net

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