[isf-wifidog] WiFi Dog auth server mirroring

Scott Tully scott.tully at gmail.com
Dim 21 Aou 16:51:48 EDT 2005

> So was I, the two quotes above are from:
>  16.8. Cluster Limitations in MySQL 4.1
> (There is also a chapter on the changes in 5.0, but the two limitation haven't
> been lifted)

The limitation refers to using Replication with Clustering, not just
clustering.  It's only a limitation if you need to do that.  I am not
even 100% clear what this means... i guess the mysql server (sql node)
will insert/update a ndb table which then is replicated simultaneously
to a slave server?   In my feeble mind i can not even contemplate why
you would want to do that....  unless you are replicating to a second
ndb cluster.  Maybe i just don't see it from your view.

What I would think might me a problem is that the data storage nodes
need to have a good connection with very little latency between the
storage nodes and the sql nodes.  ie, be on the same LAN.  This would
require network redundancy to be a good solution for HA.

> Note that I am not saying that MySQL clusters are worthless, just that they
> aren't yet a very general solution.  It would require quite a bit of MySQL
> specific work to make it run.

This is what i feel is the actual reason for you not accepting
clustering as an alternative. MySQL does not adhere to standards
enough for you to consider using it.


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