[isf-wifidog] released packages for the Auth server?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Ven 12 Aou 14:20:34 EDT 2005


i'm assuming, from what i see on the ISF site and in sourceforge, that
there are no released packages of the auth server, only the
cvs-available version.

I wonder if there's a strong reason for that to be the case? Even if
it's partially-documented, unless it's undergoing major schema
changes, it "looks better" and is reassuring to people to have
released packages...

(this is in the context of, i'm last-minute trying to put together a
'setting up wifidog' "hack" for the next edition of "Wireless Hacks" -
though this is very shortnotice and may not happen - and despite what
you or i might think of a 'hack' being, cvs is actually a little bar
to entry :/ . Is there a future package-release or package-naming
scheme i could talk about? )


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