[isf-wifidog] Facing a problem when I try to create the postgres database

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf bassam at palettemm.com
Lun 8 Aou 23:51:11 EDT 2005

Dear All,
   I have reached to the point where I have to create the "wifidog-auth"
database on my Fedora Core 4 machine as described in the "INSTALL" file in
the source directory of "wifidog-auth". Unfortunately I getting this error:
(psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "wifidog")

Here are the steps that I have done so far for creating the database and as
illustrated in the "INSTALL" file:

-Create the user wifidog (both in postgres and on your system).

[root at amg ~]# adduser wifidog
[root at amg ~]# su - postgres
-bash-3.00$ createuser -a -d -e wifidog
-bash-3.00$ psql -d template1 -U wifidog -W -f
Password:         ## Here I just pressed enter because there is no password
supplied when I created the wifidog

After the password step I got this error: (psql: FATAL:  Ident
authentication failed for user "wifidog")

I tried to use the same command without the -W switch to avoid prompting me
for a password, but again I got the same problem.

Would you please help and direct me on how to avoid this problem. I am will
be thankful for your help.

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf

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