[isf-wifidog] Auth question

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Mer 20 Avr 11:44:47 EDT 2005

> Is there anything I need to do to configure the auth to see my remote
> nodes?
> I have one remote WRT for test here and I'm still trying to get it to
> speak  to the auth successfully.

Did you try to run wifidog in debug mode ?

Log in with SSH to your WRT, stop wifidog (if it's running) and type :
wifidog -f -d 7

You will see what wifidog does and may be help you se wath goes wrong.

The FAQ can also be helpfull for debugging :

> Other than edit my config.php file I haven't really done anything to the
>  auth other than load up the schema & initial data set.
> I haven't seen any reference for what an entry in the nodes table might
> look like other wise I'd consider creating one for my WRT gateway and
> send  it it's own unique login page. Does anyone have a nodes example
> out there?

For testing, you can use the default node of ISF and see if you WRT (and
wifidog) are working correctly.

> Right now I'm still stuck at getting an initial login page that has some
>  sort of cyclical redirect which, IE, firefox and Safari all don't like.
> I'm working on the re-compile of Apache to PHP5 but other than that I'm
> not  sure what else could be going on. I'm still a bit concerned that
> once I go  thru the whole re-compile I still won't have licked the
> problem.

I don't know if I really understand what you are saying, but without PHP5
you will not be able to run auth-server.

The Auth-Server installation is a pain in the ass for many people. I'm
currently working on a PHP script for easyer installation. I'm trying to
build a "full proof" installation process and configuration setup. I can't
tell you when it will be released, but it will certainly help a lot of
people doing a smooth install.


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