[isf-wifidog] SSH issue, Has anyone come across this?

Wireless Guy wirelessguy at optonline.net
Lun 18 Avr 23:30:29 EDT 2005

I am having an issue with my WRT and was wondering if anyone had any 
I don't think it's Wifidog specific.

I am using Putty as my ssh client. If I cable my PC into hte back of my 
WRTs LAN ports I can get access just fine with putty.

However, if I connect the WRT to my non-wireless router and patch my PC in 
that way (trying to hit the WRT via the WAN port at it's assigned WAN IP) I 
don't get access. I've tried port forwarding port 22 to 23 just to get 
around any potential issue, but I can't seem to figure it out.

I haven't tried to use putty via the wireless ports yet, but I'd probably 
want to disable that anyhow.

Any insight as to what might be going on would be helpful.


- W

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