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On 14-Apr-05, at 9:07 PM, Mina Naguib wrote:

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> Philippe April wrote:
>> Mike went to Supreme, and had issues.
> Sorry if I sound rude but that was a golden missed opportunity.

I'd like to point out that I tried to uninstall screen (which was 
taking too much space) to install tcpdump on the router to find out 
what was happening, and the router kept doing the jffs2_ thing process 
forever and ever, so I couldn't install it and mike had to go.

But seriously, Just go to cafe supreme and you WILL have the problem. 
If you feel like debugging and if you feel like it :)

Shutdown wifidog, works.
Start it, can't log in to MSN and go to some sites.
Shutdown wifidog, Mike gets online on MSN.
Start it, heh.

You get the point. So it's something with WiFiDog, it's something at 
Supreme and other places.. they don't have the same ISPs (petite gaule 
supposedly does that too), the only thing they share is that they have 
a DSL connection straight in the router, but we have that setup at some 
other places too (perhaps it happens there too, who knows).

Very strange issue. Mike tried resolving DNS entries while he was there 
and everything was working perfectly and he was getting the right 

It's good, at least we confirmed it's wifidog (sucks, but hey).

> I'm starting to have a hunch that our so-dubbed "DNS issue" is not DNS
> related at all.  We dubbed it that way because users complained they 
> got
> nowhere, but I'm starting to think it's a routing issue and wifidog may
> be the culprit.  We may also be dealing with multiple, similar problems
> (the random web sites inaccessible thing for example may not be
> wifidog's fault).
> Anyways... Please jot down my cell # 514-582-0371.  If anyone runs into
> this problem live please call me, I'd be happy to butcher you with 
> tests
> to nail this one down.
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