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No problem -- thanks for even responding.

Just wanted to address one comment you made below, I don't know about
being an ungrateful user but I understand your position.  Just want to
say that I think what you guys are doing is awesome and keep up the
ongoing work, eventually the system will be in near perfect order I am
sure.  But you can understand how frustrating it is to get to a free
wifi place you've been using for awhile and have to send out some
critical information but you can't access your gmail account.

Anyways -- I wish I could actually volunteer for you guys but networks
is not my forte -- I've mostly worked on custom ERP system development
but I have used PHP for a bit -- if you have any thing you need done,
let me know.

Thanks again and keep on working on the problem.



On Apr 11, 2005 7:19 PM, Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi, sorry for the delay in answering.
> > Before Cafe Supreme on St-Laurent was using your service, the provided
> > Internet connection was fast and highly reliable.
> >
> > They eventually moved to your service and since then a variety of
> > domains, especially .ca TLDs are not accessible.
> For the record, we are the ones who setup their original wireless connection,
> june 6th 2004, they didn't "move" to our service.
> > Perfect example, yesterday I was here and they were not using your
> > service but rather their wireless routing system and everything was
> > fine.  Today I came back and I cannot access sites like:
> >
> > www.cnn.com
> > www.sprint.ca
> > www.futureshop.ca (.com)
> >
> > Update your DNS servers or something, whatever you guys are doing in
> I can confirm there IS a problem, however we are still trying to track it
> down.  The fact that it is intermitent and that all the Hotspots use
> different DNS servers make it very difficult to find.  Mina just tried a fix
> at supreme, can you send a email to tech at ilesansfil.org immediately if you
> experience the problem again?
> > terms of packet routing or security is causing this establishment to
> > lose business and proof is in the fact that months ago when they
> > weren't using your service, I would come here and the cafe would be
> > packed with wireless users and today, barely any.
> We don't have the numbers from months ago (in fact months ago we didn't even
> have a way to KNOW when it went down).  However the data since january do not
> support your assertion, usage rate seem to be about stable at a little over
> 22 DIFFERENT users per day!  That's a very long way from barely any.
> Please, I don't know what it is about Café Supreme that makes it's users seem
> so ungratefull, if it weren't for us, they'd be with Tadaa (or someone else)
> and you'd have the "privilege" to pay a few dollars per hour to enjoy the
> service.  Operating a 32 node (and counting) network strictly on volunteer
> time is very demanding.
> --
> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/
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> Ok I got another complaint about this same issue from someone new today,
> complaining about hotmail.com and imdb.com
> I really doubt it's DNS poisoning.  The persistence is kind of
> unexplainable.
> I logged on to hotspot 18 (Supreme) and did 2 changes:
> 1. Tweaked dnsmasq.conf a bit. Here's the diff:
> 0a1,4
> > domain-needed
> > bogus-priv
> > filterwin2k
> > domain=lan
> 2c6
> < except-interface=vlan1
> - ---
> > except-interface=ppp0
> 2. Noticed that testing with "nslookup" gave weird errors. Resolved them
> by adding " localhost" to /etc/hosts (which was previously empty)
> Let's see how these go.  It's too bad we don't have a reliable method of
> replicating the problem except the intermittent user feedback.
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