[isf-wifidog] [Fwd: SPECIFIC WEBSITES]

David Vincelli micologist at gmail.com
Ven 8 Avr 19:53:47 EDT 2005

On Apr 8, 2005 3:19 PM, Pascal Leclerc <isf at plec.ca> wrote:
> DNS cache poisoning can cause intermittent probleme like what our users
> are reporting. Wifidog does nothing with the DNS query (drop or let them
> pass to dnsmasq).
> Can it be the anwser ?

Maybe dnsmasq should or shouldn't be caching replies. How is it
currently set up?

If it isn't (caching dns replies, so just forwarding) then keep in
mind that bellnexxia servers are often swamped (I get intermittant
problems with the DNS servers they assign to me).

If it is caching replies then maybe its eating up too much memory (or
something involving hardware).

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