[Wifidog] More MySQL Problems (With Patch) in WifiDog-Auth SQL code,

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Thu Sep 30 17:55:04 EDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 05:39:14PM -0400, Benoit Grégoire wrote:
> > Since the SQL schema is gone from the cvs server, it is a good practice to
> It's not gone, it moved to sql/wifidog-postgres-schema.sql

	cvs up -d will make it appear in your source tree if it isn't.

> Ok, I have to admit that NATURAL JOIN are not a terribly good idea if you 
> don't have a readable schema handy, (and we no longer have one since we 
> started script-generating it).  That being said the real reason I use them is 
> to keep the query readable on as single line, as just about every text editor 
> will handle multiline PHP strings differently and will fuck them up if you 
> try to keep them cleanly indented.

	Readability in the editor is not every strong rationale for this.


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