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Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mon Sep 27 17:06:57 EDT 2004

On September 27, 2004 04:46 pm, Yanik Crépeau wrote:
> | True, but I've never bothered to set it, as it doesn't allow you to swich
> | back and forth between languages.
> Indeed, it DOES allow to switch between languages. You change the language
> order and you reload the page.

Off course, but then other pages start showing in another language.  It's just 
not convenient (at least not for someone who speaks several language in a 
world where the content in the different language isn't always the same).  
Even if it's only on it's own page, a website allowing you to pick your 
language is more convenient.  A website dynamically allowing you to change 
the language on any page is as close to perfection as it get's IMHO.

Off course, it's fine for choosing the language to display first time 
> |>It could seem complicated but support for this is pretty easy in most
> |>http/html server available (appache, tomcat, php etc.). For plain html
> |>files, in apache, it is just a matter of naming files. If the file is
> |> named 'index.html.fr', apache will use it instead of 'index.html' when
> |> it detects a user with French as a prefered language. You could even go
> |> further with 'index.html.fr' and 'index.html.fr-ca' if you want to
> |> distinguish between international French and localized French (using
> |> 'courriel' instead of 'mél' for 'e-mail' translation).
> |>
> |>In my opinon, we should start the translation/localization process by
> |>adding these files in:
> |>
> |>	[cvs]/wifidog/wifidog-auth/wifidog/local_content/default/
> |>
> |>	1) login.html.fr
> |>	2) portal.html.fr
> |
> | I am far from certain this will work with smarty templates, and even so,
> | the templates aren't the only things to translate.
> It cost nothing to try. I have added the two files to the cvs server.

I updated the server, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

BTW, please remember to update the ChangeLog file when you commit anything to 
> By the way, I also have added a cvs keyword to the four (4) files. When you
> add the keyword "$Id: $" (forget the quote) somewhere in a file handled by
> CVS, preferably on a comment section, the $Id:$ is expanded by CVS to
> display the file name and version number as well with the name of the last
> person who has commited the file. I simply have placed <!-- login page EN
> -- $Id:$ --> at the beginning of login.html and a similar comment at the
> beginning of the three other files.

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