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Yanik Crépeau yanik at exScriptis.com
Fri Sep 24 14:54:42 EDT 2004

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Mina Naguib wrote:

| Irrespective of the wifidog auth server solution, I want to point out
| that the web site www.ilesansfil.org sets (and uses) a cookie named
| "lang" set to the entire domain ".ilesansfil.org" - it's value is
| currently one of "en" or "fr"
| Making use of that cookie between both sites could be a nice feature.

In some jurisdiction, it could be illegal to rely on cookies to operate a web
site. This is the case in some landers in Germany and in at least one canton in
Switzerland. The issue could be raised there since in the north of Germany there
is an important Dansk minority (with their schools and other institutions) and
in the Canton of the Grisons, three (3) different languages are official
(German, Italian and Romanche) and in at least 6 other cantons, two languages
are official (German + French or German + Italian).

Localization issues have been addressed long ago during the http/html
standardization process. There is a standard html header that define the
language preference. User could set his/her language/locale preference hiearchy.
For instance, in my own copy of Firefox (a replacement for Internet Explorer) I
have set up languages/locales in the following order: French/Canada, French,
English, English/United States. That means that if a localized version in French
for canadian users is available, use it, otherwise, if a French (international)
version exists, use it and if no fr-ca or fr exist, go to the English
(international) and if none are available try with en-us.

It could seem complicated but support for this is pretty easy in most http/html
server available (appache, tomcat, php etc.). For plain html files, in apache,
it is just a matter of naming files. If the file is named 'index.html.fr',
apache will use it instead of 'index.html' when it detects a user with French as
a prefered language. You could even go further with 'index.html.fr' and
'index.html.fr-ca' if you want to distinguish between international French and
localized French (using 'courriel' instead of 'mél' for 'e-mail' translation).

In my opinon, we should start the translation/localization process by adding
these files in:


	1) login.html.fr
	2) portal.html.fr

By the way, is it possible to add me (yanik_crepeau) at the SF project with
write access to the CVS repository? Once done, I could handle the
translation/localisation of the two files (login.html.fr and portal.html.fr)
very quickly.



PS: My apologies for my bad English.

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