[Wifidog] Lost file in WiFiDog-Auth, wifidog.schema ?

Pascal Leclerc leclerc.pascal at ireq.ca
Wed Sep 22 11:31:56 EDT 2004

Benoit Grégoire wrote:

>On September 22, 2004 03:38 am, Rikhardur.EGILSSON at oecd.org wrote:
>>	The MySQL database layout, the file "wifidog.schema" seems to be
>>missing from the CVS ..
>>Could somone please mail me a copy .. Thanks..
>The wifidog.schema was so far out of date that it was removed when the sql 
>stuff moved in it's own directory.  Mysql support currently doesn't have a 
>It will be far less time consuming and eror prone if you start with the 
>postgres one.  All that should be needed is to strip the postgres search path 
>and procedural language stuff, and add Innodb type to the tables.  We could 
>then distribute a patch file which would help them both in sync.
As soon as I can I will try to do MySQL support working again. And I 
will update (finish) the doc for MySQL auth-server installation.

Sorry for my bad english


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