[Wifidog] Please answer some queries for me

sagar.patil at bt.com sagar.patil at bt.com
Thu Sep 16 05:45:14 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

This is probably my first post on mailing list.
I am looking for open source hotspot alternative.
At this moment I am using Sveasoft firmware with Chillispot as Hotpsot
Captive Portal. It does work but I need to develop a front-end myself.
Things like user registration, billing needs to be done separately for
chillipot. I am trying to get this done in php but it's very much time
consuming. The good thing is it has got Radius client support.

What I want to understand?
1.	Is WiFidog is same like Chillipost which uses RADIUS server to
control user logins.
2. 	If it's Yes then which RAIDUS attributes WiFiDog supports?
3.	Are there clear notes to get wifidog client installed under

I have 3 WRT units and I can spare one of them for this experiment.
I am looking for above details.


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