[Wifidog] WifiDog has a bug

Rikhardur.EGILSSON at oecd.org Rikhardur.EGILSSON at oecd.org
Mon Oct 4 04:08:12 EDT 2004

I´m glad it´s not just me  :-)

I´m running WifiDog on a full blown Mandrake server and it rarely stays up 15
minutes if there is any activity.

The Error it prints on the console is : Invalid request Path ''

I´m currently trying to iron out a few more MySQL problems and then I´l look
at it.

		- Ríkharður

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	WifiDog seem to have a sporadic bug. I have no idea what could be
causing this and the lack of log files on OpenWRT means that doing post
mortem is next to useless.

	I will investigate coding a minimalistic self-rotating syslogd for
the platform to deal with the ram disk rotation. The goal is that when a
volunteer goes to diagnose a failure, s/he can check that log and possibly
save the last 20-30k so that we may be able to understand what's going on.

	Some of our hostspots have been running flawlessly for what seems
like weeks with wifidog, other seem to crash more frequently. And the
non-uniformity of OpenWRT versions accross the hot spots can potentially
exacerbate it.

	Assuming that the bug is wifidog external, we might be exhausting
file descriptors, causing socket() calls to fail, one of the few errors to
which we answer with exit().

	Hopefully, the log will tell us more.

	In the future, I'd like a control script that automatically enables
logging. I'll look into the syslogd code. Can't be that hard.


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