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Yanik Crépeau yanik at exScriptis.com
Fri Oct 1 15:39:59 EDT 2004

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Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux wrote:
| Hello,
| 	Along with Mike, I set up WifiDog at Laika and Cafe Tribune. The
| first setup was Laika using a WRT54G pre-configured by Pascal with the
| Atwater library in mind. This took about 30 minutes to deploy, 5 for the
| AP and 25 for the beer afterwards. The second was Tribune with another
| box configured by Pascal, but this time it was a barebone OpenWRT and
| WifiDog install with no configuration whatsoever. This took about half
| an hour to deploy.
| 	In light of this, a few things stand out:
| Both hotspots were using DHCP (i.e.: had a router)
| Laika's AP was pre-configured with 192.168.2.xxx has local lan, this
| saved a lot of trouble in that environment.
| I'd like to suggest that the following "script" become standard:
| nvram set wl_ssid=www.ilesansfil.org
| nvram set wl0_ssid=www.ilesansfil.org
| nvram set lan_ip=

May I suggest that we use 192.168.xxx.1 where xxx is the actual node number? If
later on we want to create our own private network with tunnels we will have the
nodes with different xxx handy. Ok, that creates a limit (of 255 nodes) using
this scheme but by the time we reach that number, we could have plan to move to
10.xxx.yyy.1 or use IPv6.

Je sais que certains vont argumenter que le hardware du WRT54G n'a pas la
puissance nécessaire pour accomoder à la fois Wifidog et un système de routage
interne mais qui sait si nous utiliseront toujours le WRT54G, si Linksys ne va
pas augmenter la puissance de son appareil, si les logiciels de tunnelling ne
seront pas plus performant etc.

Tout ce que je suggère, à ce moment-ci, c'est de prévoir qu'un jour cette porte
pourra être ouverte.

| nvram commit
| mv /etc/dnsmasq.conf /etc/olddnsmask.conf
| cp /etc/olddnsmasq.conf /etc/dnsmask.conf
| [Edit dnsmask.conf so that 192.168.1.* becomes 192.168.2.*]
| [Insert commands to install dropbear, set the passwd, disable telnet...]
| reboot
| Alex
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