[Wifidog] WifiDog Deployments

Pascal Leclerc leclerc.pascal at ireq.ca
Fri Oct 1 08:50:18 EDT 2004

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux wrote:

>	Along with Mike, I set up WifiDog at Laika and Cafe Tribune. The
>first setup was Laika using a WRT54G pre-configured by Pascal with the
>Atwater library in mind. This took about 30 minutes to deploy, 5 for the
>AP and 25 for the beer afterwards. The second was Tribune with another
>box configured by Pascal, but this time it was a barebone OpenWRT and
>WifiDog install with no configuration whatsoever. This took about half
>an hour to deploy.
>	In light of this, a few things stand out:
>Both hotspots were using DHCP (i.e.: had a router)
>Laika's AP was pre-configured with 192.168.2.xxx has local lan, this
>saved a lot of trouble in that environment.
>I'd like to suggest that the following "script" become standard:
Already done with more details and not in a script  

I don't think using a script is a good idea (except if the script is 
"fool proof testing")
The WRT is really tricky (I don't know why) and a manual configuration 
with some testing may be required
I saw some WRT doing weird thing and an automated script can put you in 
trouble with half configured router

For a more complet documentation read this wiki pages :

 - http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/OpenWrt_2fInstallation101 (French, 
work in progress)
 - http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/WiFiDog_2fInstallation_5f101 (French, 
work in progress)


>nvram set wl_ssid=www.ilesansfil.org
>nvram set wl0_ssid=www.ilesansfil.org
>nvram set lan_ip=
>nvram commit
>mv /etc/dnsmasq.conf /etc/olddnsmask.conf
>cp /etc/olddnsmasq.conf /etc/dnsmask.conf
>[Edit dnsmask.conf so that 192.168.1.* becomes 192.168.2.*]
>[Insert commands to install dropbear, set the passwd, disable telnet...

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