[Wifidog] More MySQL Problems (With Patch) in WifiDog-Auth SQLcode,

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>> Let me try to understand:
>> [...]
>> 	WHERE (user_id = '$user' OR email = '$user')
>> [...]
>> Would be replaced by:
>> [...]
>> 	WHERE (users.user_id = '$user' OR email = '$user')
>> [...]
>	To me, this seems like a bug. It should either work in both or fail
in both.

I agree, the full MySQL error is 
"ERROR 1052 (23000): Column 'user_id' in where clause is ambigous"

When you are JOINing tables and doing a SELECT on the joined column, there
should be nothing ambigous about it.

On a totally different subject.

Is there any good reason for having a separate 'administrators' table, with
just 1 column, instead of just adding a 1bit yes/no column to the 'users'
table ??

I know it is more ´correct´ according to database theory, but database theory
was written when people were trying to save diskspace at all cost (including
increased CPU overhead and complexity of queries), and we realy don´t have
the diskspace problem in this database.

		- Ríkharður


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