[Wifidog] Why WiFiDog Crashes

Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Fri May 14 21:55:05 EDT 2004


I have found out why WiFiDog crashes (you know, that one that I could
not reproduce, I now can).

Basically, my significant other would call me and say "The internet's
not working!" and I could never see it crash by myself!

I found out what she's probably doing... She's probably impatient and
clicks reload or presses the sign-in button twice, and WiFiDog does not
seem to be able to process the two requests properly.

Basically it's a call to write() on a socket that does not seem to exist
anymore. I do not know if it's a bug in uClibc or if it exists in glibc
too (I'll try to figure that one out), but if it's not we'll have to
modify libhttpd and wifidog some more and figure out how to avoid

Just wanted to give an update,

Philippe April
papril777 at yahoo.com
GnuPG: http://key.philippeapril.com/

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