[Wifidog] libcurl

Tony Bussieres tonyicemanz at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 21 12:19:10 EST 2004

> 3. Do non-blocking communications with central
> server.  This is slightly 
> more complicated than #2 however it will keep the
> process lightweight 
> and keep the httpDaemon responsive 100% of the time.
>  Only issue I see 
> is we'll have to make sure libhttp supports that (or
> hack it so it does)

In order to do a good non-blocking soft, we must have
only one select loop in the entire process space. 

We can have an array of fd states to keep track of the
context this fd is used.  The index of the array is
the descriptor itself.

If we decide to do non-blocking calls, we will have to
move the code of HttpdGetConnection (not sure of the
function name right now) into somewhere else because
it contains a select. This is not what we want,  we
must listen to all the socket in the same spot. 

I'll look more at libhttp to see what can we do with
it. I've also read about fcntl(). This function  could
provide some kind of call backs through signals when a
socket is in a readable/writable state. 

We might be able to hack something in libhttpd &
libhttp to callback wifidog when some activity is
detected on  open sockets.



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