[Wifidog] libcurl

Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 13:12:46 EST 2004

> 2. Before httpClient talks to central server a fork() occurs - this will
> keep the httpDaemon responsive 100% of the time.  This is a fairly
> simple solution but could be costly memory-wise and be used as a DDOS.
> 3. Do non-blocking communications with central server.  This is slightly
> more complicated than #2 however it will keep the process lightweight
> and keep the httpDaemon responsive 100% of the time.  Only issue I see
> is we'll have to make sure libhttp supports that (or hack it so it does)

Since we're talking about using an external library for talking HTTP I
suppose you all talked about the central server part during the meeting
and all agreed it should be over HTTP :)

I think we should not go with #1. Any network weirdness happening might
make the gateway just stop responding and users don't like that, they'd
rather see some error message than a hanging browser.

2 seems easier to implement over 3, I don't know about the memory issues
on embedded devices.

3 is definitely (I believe) the best alternative.

I haven't done much non-blocking sockets programming for multiple
clients/requests and I don't know what efforts this would require. I'll
try to read on that matter, or maybe someone can explain the concept and
the idea behind it.

I have a pretty good idea of how to implement it but it seems a bit scary,
I must be missing something. If someone feels like explaining to me how
they think we could implement #3 and the logic behind it, go right ahead


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