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Mina Naguib webmaster at topfx.com
Sat Mar 13 18:48:26 EST 2004

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Philippe April wrote:
>>>Is this worth it ?  Should I start converting the existing httpd in
>>>wifidog to use this or wait for our next meeting ?
>>I think it's worth it, it has file handling routines so it will become
>>to serve local content.  Philippe, what do you think?
> Oh for sure... I haven't looked at it yet but will do so soon. We need
> something more flexible, more stable, and better than the little hacks I
> put in, I'm sure it's perfect for the job.

I have already started a CVS branch named "incorporate_libhttpd" to, 
well, incorporate libhttpd into the design.  I'd say I'm about 40-50% done.

> And I'm sure most of my code will be gone by the time we have a stable
> release :) It was more for inspiration to start coding :)

Already large chunks disappeared :)

> I don't think I will have time to work on it before Wednesday (and won't
> be able to show up at the meeting unfortunately because I have other
> plans) but Mina, you go ahead and include libhttpd if you have time (or
> anybody else, but maybe we should not duplicate work), it'll be great!
> Benoit, if you can think of a clean way to have the firewall scripts
> installed into a.... /usr/local/wifidog/fwscripts/iptables/ kind of thing
> (both the path (fwscripts) and the fwname (iptables) are now
> configurable), it'd be great... since you did the whole tree with automake
> autoconf :) You might need to move it out from wifidog/src/ though, I'll
> let you figure that one out.

Let's leave this for the meeting, but I think wifidog gateway will need 
it's own directory, for the iptables scripts, for any custom rules, 
ACL's, html pages, logos, etc....

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