[Wifidog] libhttpd

Tony Bussieres tonyicemanz at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 13 10:36:35 EST 2004

Hi all,

I went trough the doc very quickly, and I think it's a good idea to use
that for wifidog. 

A foot print of 16k for the lib is not too big. It would simplify our
code and enable great possibilities.

In a further project we could use that lib to make a small web interface
on the embedded system along with some cg  to permit to the owner of the
hotspot to manage and setup his/her access point in a more convinent

To continue on some issues that were on the mailing list before, I do
not think that it's a good idea to store the firewall rules on a
centralized server. It can be a vulnerability issue, someone could
hijack our rules and put something like -j DENY to all incomming &
outgoing traffic, that kind of thing will put the hotspot in a unusable

Wednesday will be a good hack night :)

May Linux be with you!

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