[Wifidog] libhttpd

Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 13 18:18:54 EST 2004

>> Is this worth it ?  Should I start converting the existing httpd in
>> wifidog to use this or wait for our next meeting ?
> I think it's worth it, it has file handling routines so it will become
> trivial
> to serve local content.  Philippe, what do you think?

Oh for sure... I haven't looked at it yet but will do so soon. We need
something more flexible, more stable, and better than the little hacks I
put in, I'm sure it's perfect for the job.

And I'm sure most of my code will be gone by the time we have a stable
release :) It was more for inspiration to start coding :)

I don't think I will have time to work on it before Wednesday (and won't
be able to show up at the meeting unfortunately because I have other
plans) but Mina, you go ahead and include libhttpd if you have time (or
anybody else, but maybe we should not duplicate work), it'll be great!

Benoit, if you can think of a clean way to have the firewall scripts
installed into a.... /usr/local/wifidog/fwscripts/iptables/ kind of thing
(both the path (fwscripts) and the fwname (iptables) are now
configurable), it'd be great... since you did the whole tree with automake
autoconf :) You might need to move it out from wifidog/src/ though, I'll
let you figure that one out.


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