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sagar.patil at bt.com sagar.patil at bt.com
Fri Jun 4 09:53:13 EDT 2004

Hi Gregoire.
Thanks for U'r quick reply.
I have a Freeradius Server configured and running with me.
I am looking for a mechanism to validate username/pwd pair and returning RADIUS attributes to be applied back to user connections via NAS(WRT54G) . 
When we are saying "Captive Portal"  from WIFiDOG does that mean a complete intrface mechanism with Backend RADIUS server? Am I right here ?
I am very keen on U'r development as it does exactly what I need?
When would U able to release first bits of Code Segement ? 
Are U goign to put it as .BIN firmware file or SRC file which one need to compile for WRT54G.
Best Regards,

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	On Thursday 03 June 2004 12:48 pm, you wrote:
	> Hi,
	> I am looking for Captive Portal implementation for WRT54G.
	> I read thru number of links on internet and found one below interesting.
	> http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/WiFiDog
	> When would you able to host a first Release for this ?
	Real soon now... 
	We had a formal code review last week that went very well.  The code is in
	CVS, along with complete doxygen docs. 
	Unfortunately, there are critical bugs in the libhttpd, the library we use for
	http communication.  This forces us to fix the library as well, else WifiDog
	willl make a bad first impression.
	Philippe, how is that coming along?
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